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My Fair Lady

Henry Higgins at the Ocean State Theatre Company's 2014 production


Music Theatre Demo Reel - 2018


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We Three Kings

From the 2000 "Carols for a Cure", to Benefit BC/EFA


Imagination Medley- Pure Imagination

From my 2003 Cabaret show "Pure Imagination"- performed at Danny's Skylight Lounge


One-Liner Medley-Pure Imagination

From my 2003 Cabaret show "Pure Imagination"- performed at Danny's Skylight Lounge


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My Fair Lady
Sep 24-Oct 19 2014

Warwick Beacon – "Richard Costa, a last minute replacement for the role of Henry Higgins, rose to the occasion, making the egocentric character human in spite of his Chauvinistic manner. While many of the songs were written within a comfortable range and to be partly spoken, Costa displays a fine singing voice and makes them come alive."

RI Mercury- "…Costa can sing and puts his strong voice to good use in numbers such as "I'm and Ordinary Man". "Hymn to Him" and "I've Grown Accustomed to His Face." Even as irascible as he is, Costa presents a more approachable Higgins Than Harris did."

Motif Magazine- "Costa is a stellar performer who brought a lot of depth and dimension to Higgins…"

Broadway World" Costa likewise shines as the curmudgeonly Professor Higgins. The self-congratulatory Higgins can come across as somewhat of a bully, prikly and abrasive; however, Costa plays Higgins with a clinical air, detached and aloof from the rest of humanity. This portrayal makes Higgins' character arc much more poignant, especially in scenes where Eliza challenges and finally breaks through his well-practiced composure and calm demeanor. Costa allows Higgins to transform gradually, layer-by-layer, as the story progresses. That Higgins comes to care for Eliza is understood in the script, and most pointedly in the song "I've Grown Accustomed To Her Face", but Costa's approach underscores Higgins' state of mind through non-verbal cues, such as subtle changes in his posture and restless movement of his hands. Costa is also fantastic in comedic scenes, playing the straight man to each punchline with perfect aplomb."

Motif award – Best Professional Production 2015























































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